Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Honestly, even me, myself haven't been accessing my blog for months.. I don't see there's any reason to keep this blog updated anymore since its been abandoned for so long. Perhaps the blogging fever is slowing dying out. Not much had happened over the months, but since finals are just over, that's probably why i reluctantly have this post up.

Well for the few things that happened over the months, one of it would be that I've gotten myself a mini fish tank, which I kinda longed for since..... high school? lol.. It's not much of a beautiful tank though, as I can only afford tropical freshwater fishes as they are far cheaper than those marine ones and its also easier to maintain which is good for me. It's placed in my room on the computer table, and I was amazed on how they manage to survive through the 'extreme' temperature in my room as the whole tank fogs up every morning and the water was almost as cold as ice. Here's some pics of it..

one of the few types of fishes in the tank, err some kinda swordtail
this is called a Molly, and its short and fat =)

The whole concept was; Grand Canyon, i think it failed

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