Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Honestly, even me, myself haven't been accessing my blog for months.. I don't see there's any reason to keep this blog updated anymore since its been abandoned for so long. Perhaps the blogging fever is slowing dying out. Not much had happened over the months, but since finals are just over, that's probably why i reluctantly have this post up.

Well for the few things that happened over the months, one of it would be that I've gotten myself a mini fish tank, which I kinda longed for since..... high school? lol.. It's not much of a beautiful tank though, as I can only afford tropical freshwater fishes as they are far cheaper than those marine ones and its also easier to maintain which is good for me. It's placed in my room on the computer table, and I was amazed on how they manage to survive through the 'extreme' temperature in my room as the whole tank fogs up every morning and the water was almost as cold as ice. Here's some pics of it..

one of the few types of fishes in the tank, err some kinda swordtail
this is called a Molly, and its short and fat =)

The whole concept was; Grand Canyon, i think it failed

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Yeng Boss's Bday

This is yeng 8055 being noob playing tea leaves in Cameron Higlands, his drift race area, challenge him if you can, we dare you
This is yeng being emo, I wonder what he's thinking, so deep in thought, so yeng
This is yeng in his uniform, better say yeng! respect okay! White colour you know, not blue!
This is yeng getting lucky =), which is a rare occasion
"Ahhhh, I think the Vodka is coolllddddddddd"
Happy Boy, Happy birthday bugger..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Delayed Post (31/7/2009)

Happy belated birthday Aunty Liow/ Ashley.. 31/7, which brings to more than 2 years since we became friends. Since you are that far away, no presents for you, neither can I afford it, sorry for not posting this up last year, you know the reasons.. goodday people!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mussy Mussy Happy Birthday =)

One of the rarest picture ever taken, our beloved Kiki Musang aka Captain aka Leg Model
To be able to capture a picture of this chap, it's like trying to photograph the Loch Ness Monster, or the Big Foot, cause this boi has got the tendency, ability and skills to avoid cameras from all sorts of directions/angles, even hidden cameras can't get out of his sight..
Little fact about this ching, he's a future accountant, having to do his ACCA right now.
And he already counts like one, great..
Not only that, this dude is basically the pioneer of illogical jokes and words. His masterpiece includes "Heyyyyyyy", "aahhhhhhhhh", "Miaaaaaoooo", General hairstyle meh, Black Mushroom, Yeng eh, Ham eh, Lau eh, Kia lorr, Blue Wave, Masked Rider, Pro among others.. He should probably be awarded with the noble price of randomness theory
Anyway, it's his 19th birthday, so happy birthday!
heyyyy, kia blue wave lorr.... =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Checked this out, guys should learn to pick up some lines from this movie, Amazing
Results are considerably good, for me.. at least there's no need to retake

  • Sem 2 have just started, 3 subjects with relevance to maths, gonna give me headaches..

  • Am selling Marketing text book for sem 1 and sem 2 (Monash students) or sem 1 (UniSA students), prices are negotiable.. and for UniSA sem 1 or applied finance students, if you don't mind buying uncopyrighted text book for MCB, also feel free to contact me, the price would be less than 10% of the copyrighted version.

  • For an ass that knows nuts of what is going on, mind your own business and keep your mofo mouth shut faggot.. and if you are wondering if that person is you, yes your initials starts with TKK.. fuck you

Friday, July 24, 2009


2 more subjects' results are to be released by tmr, first 2 was good enough, lets hope for the best for the remaining 2..

holiday sudah mahu over larr.. it seemed... so fast

Checked out The Taking of Pelham 123, was great but the movie got into the main point way too early, kinda spoiled it a little. Travolta is still damn gaya =)

So, to pass time, I indirectly took these 2 pics below, curtesy of his very own brother snapping the pics while my cute friend NBY aka "please la boon" sleeping soundly =) so cudly

Hi Boon! =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

So, back am I from the gorgeous island of Redang, which proves Msia still have some beautiful places. Powdery, soft white sand, crystal clear waters, breathtaking corals, colourful BUT aggressive fishes. That kinda sums up Pulau Redang. I'm no camera person, so no pictures =) for pictures this is where you go - karyn-lee.blogspot.com

The journey was hell though, bumpy ride, suicide bomber-looking guy who prays for the safety of the bus, and some cheapskate arseholes.

As i got back, kinda remembered there was a hong kong film that was shot in Redang, as so I googled it, which brings me to the movie entitled Summer Holiday, released in year 2000. that is... 9 years ago, and the water is stil breathtakingly crystal clear. The movie was a bout girl meets guy, in an island then fell in love, then misunderstandings, bla bla bla.. summary.. go watch for urselves. Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng stars, not to mention our local boy Ah Niu was in it too. The soundtrack was not bad either, brings back childhood memories, sigh..

This blog post is subject to the ding ding's inspiration =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

u do the judging =)

3 weeks to rot, damn it..

Life is sad, nothing to blog about, and this site is on the verge of dying, so no point updating so much...

I adore fishes =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

There goes another legend...

The death of a music icon deserves an update on my blog

Well, need I say more? The whole world was stunned by the death of the King of Pop, almost every radio station is playing all his songs as paying tribute to his massive contribution into the music industry. Not only that this man able to make heartfelt, iconic songs but also a man with full of compassion in the caring of children that are in need all around the world. Which sees him collaborating with various artists in the songs such as Heal the World and We
Are The World. Environmentalist himself sees him composing a song that clearly shows the distructive nature of men on nature, the Earth Song was composed to make people realise what their actions are impacting the environment negatively. Although over the years he might have developed bizzare lifestyles, nevertheless he still remains to be a great talented man as well as an artist. The title of King of Pop is what he deserves and not some arseholes who says that he himself claims to be the King of Pop, as until this present day, no one could ever be better than Michael. Especially when today's songs are craps with emergence of pathetic artists such as Chris Brown who has mental issues and a copycat of Michael's styles. Shiny gloves, broat shoulder jackets, white socks in black shoes, moonwalking marks the man that Michael was.

There won't be a dance move like this anymore. no more moonwalking, no more crotch shrugging, no more spinning, no more glittery gloves, no more hats, no more ankle lengths socks on 3/4 pants.

Goodbye MJ
He may have left, but his music never will.. R.I.P
“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” – Michael Jackson -

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Team Building at Genting + MOFO activities..

Sleeping Santa in lecture hall, the paper can stay in position on his tummy, amazing =)

Berstoning dan tak mahu layan itu pompuan..
Sweet ol' couple of nearly 4 months.. awwww
Imitation.. noob

On Saturday, the bloody team building where most of the people went became the mosquitoes' source of food.. and the blistering sun's victims.
Seee... no nid wadewa DSLR lar, EOS lar, nonsensical lenses lar, also can take this picture.
The pathway to mosquito feeding frenzy..
Flying fox, platform, people are supposed to land on the platform...
I didn't.. =)

The scenery.. damn a lot of stuffs to do there.. exhausting to the max

Kenari 1, 2nd place! woohooo.. 1st place was in our grasp, however it slipped away.. to never never land.. got 2 vouchers to DOME thou, not bad lar.. sweat like a bloody cow

Good Day peeps